Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wholesale Buyers and Real Estate Investors

Wholesale Buyers. (We Buy Homes etc). Like any business, there and good and bad players. Most of these Wholesale Buyers are either part timers and or they just finished reading a few books and are ready for the "first big deal".

First, if you are trying to get a retail price, these are NOT the Buyers for you. Reason being that they have to buy at 50% of value less any improvements needed so that they have a margin to fix and resale for a profit. Again, many Sellers think they have a gem when in really needs lots of work and improvements, so please don't be insulted when you get their offer.

If the property is over priced based on the amounts owed, the difference can be made up with a short sale as outlined within. Buy low, fix and sell higher. You can contact some Real Estate Investors who know what they are doing and or your Real Estate Agent may have some contacts.

Even though it may be embarrassing, you need to advertise the property as in pre-foreclosure or desperate Seller. Time is ticking and if you are not able to strike a good deal, the lender(s) will own the property sooner than you think, and the borrower(s) with a big judgment.

Also, in a short sale situation, the Seller cannot get any money out of the sale and the best that they can hope for is that the lender(s) will show the loan as paid off for less than what was owed, no deficiency judgment and all other associated items are paid off. Some Buyer(s) may agree to pay cash to the Seller(s) for personal items as a bill of sale.

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