Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Latest Statistics on Denver's Economy and Real Estate Market

As you are looking to the west to find your perfect home, you may want to look at Denver real estate. The economy is comfortable here as the unemployment rate is lower than the national average and homes are extremely affordable with the currently available record low interest rates. Could those statistics change the value of the homes in the Denver CO real estate market?

Right now the average house hold makes $33,162 in Denver. With that as a median income, it shows to be fairly low, yet not too low. Another good thing to know is that the income change is a great increase to 66.7% since 1990. Even the tax rate is low at 4.6% The average home is about $216,337, which is quite affordable, especially since the interest rates are at an all time low.

Denver is divided into seventy-nine residential districts which allows you many options in choosing a home that specifically meets you and your family's needs. There are about 910,770 residents in the Denver area that cover about 234 square miles. Fifty-four percent of the homes that are owned are occupied by their owner. When searching for your new Denver CO home, it will be worth your time to work with a qualified real estate agent that can direct you to the neighborhood that best suits your needs.

With the economy staying steady and the also the Denver real estate industry easy to work with, who wouldn't want to own some Denver real estate? The average cost for a new home is just right. Not to mention the low interest rate and the fact that consumers are either wanting to move to a smaller or larger home, makes it easier for people in other states to find what they are looking for. Don't forget that the unemployment rate is lower than national average.

Seems like it's the perfect time to take a hike in the Rockies.

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