Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dubai Freehold Property Market in Overdrive and Real Estate Costs Reaching New Highs

With the Dubai freehold property market in overdrive, and real estate costs reaching new highs, it can some times be hard to see how to achieve a good level of investment at the present time. With most properties on the market already having achieved impressive premiums for owners, is it still possible for those investors new to the market to enjoy such a return on property investments in today's climate?

Well, looking at the secondary property market, it would generally appear a difficult but not impossible task. As mentioned in previous blog entries, it's key to look for a development that yet to fully utilize its' potential, either due to location or advertising reasons. This alone can increase the chances of achieving a good ROI, but is that as far it goes? Well no, not exactly. The secondary market may have already achieved a large proportion of its premiums by now, but premiums are still continuing to rise, all be it at a slightly slower rate. But what of those of you who want more?

Then consider property direct from developers. With the market continuing as it is, new developments are probably going to offer a slightly better ROI. If you can get in early and purchase property directly from the developer, you can be assured of getting the best possible price. With the market continuing to show no sign of price decreases in the near future, you can be positive of a good return on your investment. Of course how good an investment still comes down to where and what you will buy, with some developments having a wider appeal than others. And timing your purchase can always give you that little bit extra of an advantage when looking to purchase freehold Dubai real estate. During the summer months, some developers introduce special offers and rates in order to temp buyers during the market slow down that occurs.

And the good news is that we offer a wide range of property, from all the top developers in Dubai. Emaar, Nakheel, ETA Star, and Damac are just of a few of the developers whose property we have for sale. As an official agent for all these companies, we are able to offer a huge range of property direct from the developers, all in the one place.

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