Monday, November 18, 2013

The Dow is Down, Economy is Bad and Real Estate is Dead

Yes, the Dow is plunging lower and lower every day and yes people are losing money and investments left and right, but the real estate market is not dead. When it comes to buying and selling real estate, the lower the Dow falls the lower the home prices fall and the better deal a home buyer can find on the market.

While there may be a bit of trouble finding mortgage financing for home buyers with less than stellar credit scores, the mortgage market for buyers with above average credit ratings is fairly unchanged, aside from the huge price reductions that is. The home prices all over the United States are falling at a rate faster than ever before and those potential home buyers who were waiting for the perfect deal are primed to buy, buy, buy.

In order to make the sale and make it fast, the real estate agent needs to understand that the market is full right now of available homes. Never has the cliché phrase, "It s buyer's market!" ever been so true. So what do you need to do to sell a home when there are hundreds just like the ones you are showing within a small mileage radius, offer the buyer more!

Real estate agent package deals are a great way to boost your home sales. Many people are buying right now for investment purposes only. Offering the home buyer a free rental listing with your real estate group, a free rental open house or some other FREE service is one way to stand out among the other home sellers. With so many available homes on the market it is hard to find that inside track without offering something for nothing.

In the long run, the real estate agent that offers the best services to the home buying client will be the one that closes the sale. The dropping DOW, the dropping bank account balances and the increasing home inventory means thinking in a unique and FREE way in order to sell a home.

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