Monday, November 4, 2013

Product Websites and Real Estate Websites - The Necessary Difference Between Them

When you sell a product your website must be focused on the benefits and advantages that owning your product holds for your prospective clients.

With that regard, it doesn't matter who you are or what you know. As long as you convey the benefits, follow them up with logic, and then provide excellent customer service, nothing else matters.

But providing a service such as real estate sales is an entirely different matter.

You are selling a product, of course - your listings. And to a small degree, you're selling your geographical area. But just as anyone can and will sell a bottle of name-brand soda pop, so is every other agent in your area selling your area, and to some extent, via MLS, your listings.

Unfortunately, too many real estate agents fail to realize that what their website really needs to sell is their own personal expertise and service, along with their listings.

Think about this. Most people who will visit your site are already searching for a home in your geographical area. A few are looking around, trying to decide on a city, but most people already know where they want to live. You don't really need to sell the city.

They do arrive at your site looking for a home. So you do need to do an exceptional job in describing both the benefits and the features of each of your listings. Your virtual tours should make prospects' mouths water in anticipation of seeing those listings.

But they're also looking for the agent who will help them find that home in the fastest, easiest way possible. So don't stop with showcasing your listings!

Now remember that buyers aren't the only ones looking at agent websites. Homeowners are looking at agent sites to find someone who will do a great job at marketing their home, and give them the kind of service they want. They're searching for signs that you'll be responsive to their needs, stay in touch with them, give them good advice, and remain loyal to them throughout the transaction.

The bottom line is, you need to sell yourself as well as your listings. How else can either buyers or sellers know what you have to offer?

I won't kid you - selling yourself on a website can be a tricky proposition. You can't just write "I'm the best, hire me." That would make them all think you're the worst. Instead you have to tell them about your services, and how each of those services benefits them as a buyer or as a seller.

In effect, your website needs to be about your prospects and their needs, not about you or even about your listings. You have to show them that you not only understand what they want, but will provide it.

Choose your words with care.

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