Friday, February 28, 2014

Goal Setting and Real Estate Investing

Whenever you begin a journey, it is important to know where you are going. As well, it is just as important to know where you are starting from. If you want to go to Chicago for instance, starting from Los Angeles or starting from New York will take a different route. Investing in real estate is the same way. You will begin to see how your unique personal situation will help shape your portfolio of investments. Before you invest in anything, you need to know where you are in terms of income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Knowing where you stand now is critical to how and what you invest in.

If you have not done so recently or ever, write down all of your income and the sources of that income. Next, write down your expenses. This usually takes a bit longer and may take a bit of investigating to find accurate numbers. No one else needs to see this. Accuracy is important. Next, write down all of you assets. These are the things you own that have value. Then, write down your liabilities. These are the amounts you owe to others. Add up the difference between what you make and what you spend. Then, calculate the difference between what you own and what you owe. This will be an eye opening experience for many people.

A person who wants to get the most out of life often has a number of goals they are working on at the same time, in both their personal and business lives. Setting goals is the first step to turning dreams, ideas and wishes, into REALITY!

Recent studies show that less than three percent of the population has written goals. It is no surprise that these are the very same people who are the most successful people in our society. When you set a goal, you commit yourself to a CAN DO attitude. You begin the process of doing what you are dreaming and that is truly a key to success.

Why is it so important to set goals? Mostly it has to do with how the brain works. Setting a goal puts a certain part of your brain into action, especially if your goals are written. If you really want to kick it into overdrive, tell other people about your goals. The more you think about your goals the better your chances of taking action and achieving those goals.

Setting personal goals gives you focus and will solidify an individual's attention into a particular area to the exclusion of other thoughts and activities. The human brain processes thousands of tidbits of information every second. This information comes from the senses, memories and thoughts. The brain processes all of this information and decides which things are the most important to handle now. When you write down your goals, the brain gives more importance to these written priorities. It's like a memo from the President, it gets more attention. If you are constantly thinking about, reviewing and rewriting your goals, your brain becomes more focused and will be much more aware of related opportunities and available resources, which are important to the success of your goal.

When you set a goal, your brain becomes more aware of the opportunities associated with the goal that you might have overlooked or not given any attention to if you had not set that goal. Have you ever noticed that after you start thinking about buying a certain item, suddenly you begin to notice that everyone now has one? It wasn't that everyone else suddenly went out and got the same item, your brain is just more aware of it than before.

Making the choice to set goals in your real estate investing will create a result that far outweighs the person who invests on a whim, like a lottery-ticket mentality or without any concrete path to where they are going.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Question on Foreclosure Squatters and Real Estate Law That No One is Addressing

If someone owns a piece of property and allows unabated trespassing across the property for long periods of time, and then arbitrarily starts enforcing their property rights, real estate law tells them they may not have the rights to do this, even if they own the property. Currently, we have a new type of trespassing that is absolutely out of control - Foreclosure Squatting.

This is where someone, could even be a homeless person moves into an empty property and just starts living there. After the subprime lending debacle the number of foreclosed homes has risen by nearly 3500%. With all these home vacated, it is prime pickings for someone moving in. Worse, many of the banks that own these properties have let them go, and have not even been out to see if anyone has moved in illegally.

Even if they do inspect the property, getting a squatter to leave is not as easy as it seems. Now many enforcement agencies will not even serve foreclosure demands to remove people from a property. Worse, the note holders who've bought the mortgages and own the homes may not even be in the United States.

If a foreclosed empty home becomes a de facto residence for the homeless, a habitat for wildlife, an alternative parking lot for the neighborhood, a short-cut to the next block or community center for the locals, then once it's sold these groups could indeed sue to maintain their new rights. Especially after many years of unabated activity in the empty homes. Think on this.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unclaimed Overages - A Gold Mine For Those Seeking a Home-Based Real Estate Career

If you're looking for a real estate career that not many other people have discovered yet, unclaimed overages are where you should start. Unclaimed overages are funds being held by the government that belong to private citizens. These people, for whatever reason, have lost track of these funds and stand to lose them if they aren't collected in time.

If you decide to become a "found money" professional, you may be tempted to start with state-held funds. These are the funds you can find on states' "treasure hunt" websites, and usually come from things like stock dividends and utility deposits (i.e., aren't for very much money). Unfortunately, you'll never make much with these unclaimed overages. They are too visible, and too small in amount to make much money - these funds are capped out by state law at a 10% finder's fee.

The unclaimed overages you need to focus on are those created by real estate - tax sale overages, mortgage foreclosure overages and the like. These funds run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and due to a loophole almost no one has yet discovered, are NOT subject to the same finder fee limit laws that state-held funds are. That means 30-50% finder's fees. On many thousands of dollars, that's a hefty paycheck. They also aren't advertised online... so people you contact will not be able to check and find the money on their own.

Something else you'll probably like about unclaimed overages is that collecting them can be done entirely from your home office - online and through the mail. You can find records, find owners, contact owners and process claims all from your desk - whether it's in New York or New Zealand.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Will Real Estate Ever Rebound?

The market is falling, the prices of homes are dropping and people are losing thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every day in stocks and bonds. Will the real estate market ever rebound?

The simple answer is yes, but the when is the more difficult question to answer. The financial state of the economy is leading people into thoughts of recession and the pending Greater Depression. While some states and real estate areas are not affected as strongly by the fall of the financial sector, others are floundering and in need of great help.

The Presidential candidates both have differing views on how to deal with the real estate crisis. No matter their personal views, the November 4th election results will be the hinge to the future rise or fall of the real estate world. If the right candidate is elected, the DOW will rise and the economy will slowly work its way out of the hole. If the wrong candidate is chosen, the opposite will happen and the Greater Depression will be a reality.

Unfortunately for real estate agents, the right or wrong candidate is not in our hands. The majority will elect who they feel is right or wrong and as long as that person is placed in office, the world will inevitably rebound. However, if there is a close race, the financial, and thus real estate, markets will rebound much more slowly.

What Can a Real Estate Agent Do to Help?

Nothing. The economical world is falling fast and patience is the only solution. Until the new Presidential official is elected, the world will have to sit on the whims of fate and see where the DOW drops today.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Divorce and Real Estate Law - Living Together During the Divorce - A Nightmare Or a Necessity?

Issues concerning the marital domicile and real estate are often the biggest issues that divorcing couples must resolve. The issues of real estate and divorce are often intertwined with complex issues concerning child custody, child support, marital division of assets, marital debt and other issues related to a divorce. This article only applies to Rhode Island Divorce.

1.) Real Estate and temporary use and possession of the marital domicile during the pendency of the divorce.

While a divorce is proceeding in court, there are several potential scenarios concerning the disposition of the real estate: (Please consult a lawyer / attorney concerning your legal options)

A.) Husband and wife reside together while the divorce is pending with or without children.

In many instances, husband and wife live together while the divorce is pending. In some cases, husband and wife live together out of financial necessity because the parties cannot afford to live separately. Other divorcing couples live together because they believe it is in the best interest of the child /children. Some people live together because both husband and wife refuse to leave the marital domicile.

If husband and wife are living together while the divorce is pending, they often reach an agreement as to who will pay the mortgage, taxes, insurance and other real estate related expenses.

In the event that husband and wife cannot reach an agreement then both parties have the right to file motion for temporary orders, asking the court to intervene and determine who will pay the mortgage taxes, insurance, utilities and other expenses for the marital domicile.

If the parties are not civil towards each other there is constant arguing or there is domestic violence / abuse it may become unworkable for the parties to continue living together. If either party is abusing drugs, alcohol or gambling then cohabitating during the divorce process may be unworkable. Either party has the right to file a motion for temporary orders asking for exclusive use and possession of the marital domicile while the divorce is pending.

If one of the spouse has no income and no ability to earn income then it is possible that the spouse who has income or earning capacity could be ordered to pay 100% of the expenses for marital domicile while the divorce is pending. This is especially the case if the unemployed spouse has minor children living at home.

One of the risks of living together while the divorce is proceeding is the that other party will file a restraining order or a complaint protection from abuse.

B.) Husband or wife vacates the marital domicile and there are no children.

If husband or wife voluntarily leaves the marital hime and the other party is residing on the premises then the parties have two options:

1.) Husband and wife reach an agreement, or

2.) Husband or wife files a motion for the court to determine who pays for the house. The person who vacated the house may be ordered to contribute towards the mortgage taxes, insurance and upkeep etc., if any.

If the parties cannot agree then either party can file a motion for temporary orders seeking contribution towards the mortgage taxes, insurance, and upkeep for the marital domicile. The Rhode Island Family Court will then make an equitable determination of who should pay the mortgage taxes and insurance for the marital domicile. How the Family Court decides this issue, depends on several factors including perhaps most importantly, the income and earning capacity of each of the parties. One Judge in the Rhode Island Family Court consistently rules that the spouse remaining in the marital domicile must pay the 1st $850.00 of the mortgage as rent and the parties split the remaining mortgage taxes and insurance 50/50.

C.) One spouse vacates the marital real estate, while the other spouse resides in the marital real estate with a child or children.

The parent who has temporary physical placement (physical custody) of the child/children will have the right to receive child support as well as the potential to obtain contribution to the mortgage taxes, insurance, and upkeep for marital domicile.

If the parties can agree to the correct child support amount and the contributions towards the mortgage, taxes, insurance for the property then a motion for temporary order may not be necessary.

If the parties cannot agree, the court will determine the correct child support amount using the Rhode Island Child Support Guidelines. The cost of daycare and medical expenses is factored into the Rhode Island (RI) child support guidelines. The court may also order that the spouse who vacated the property contribute to the mortgage, taxes and insurance for the marital domicile.

The courts main purpose is to preserve the marital domicile until the divorce trial can be heard. The amount of the child support and contributions to marital domicile will be highly dependent on the income and earning capacity of the parties as well as a particular circumstances of a case. If the spouse who lives with the children has no job and no ability to earn income and no earning capacity it is possible that the other spouse may be required to pay over and above the child support amount to maintain the status quo so that the other spouse is able to maintain the marital domicile.

The primary goal of a Rhode Island (RI) Family Court Judge is to preserve the marital assets until either a complete settlement is reached or the divorce can be decided after a full trial on the merits.

Rhode Island Attorneys legal Notice per RI Rules of Professional Responsibility:

The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law, but does not license or certify any lawyer as an expert or specialist in any field of practice.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Internet and Real Estate

Finding houses to live in, typically creates a number of problems; as the world population is growing, the necessity for housing can also be rising, because of which individuals usually do not get the kind of houses they need. Even the real estate agent generally do not need appropriate houses in their stock for the frequent people. Besides, searching for an sincere and reliable real estate agent can be fairly problematic and time consuming. Individuals have to spend a lot of time and visit several realtors to choose the most effective one. This may be prevented if people take the assistance of internet.

The websites revealed by the actual estate agents prove to be very helpful for individuals seeking houses. The houses out there to that individual real estate dealer companies are displayed on the web site and detailed information about that real estate company and the facilities they supply are also given within the websites. The use of internet for looking homes has helped the frequent individuals a lot. Nowadays, most people take help of the internet to buy the homes they need.

If you are one such person looking for a very good home in Vaughan Ontario, then it is best to search the internet for the Vaughan real estate companies.

There are many homes accessible in Vaughan, Woodbridge and York Region, folks often discover issues choosing the appropriate one; moreover, the variety of real estate companies in Vaughan is also big which also causes a lot problems. To begin with, both these are very time consuming and secondly, folks find it very arduous to discover a proper house inside their budget. Looking for Woodbridge or York Region.

In case you are one such person searching for an excellent home in Vaughan Ontario, then you should search the internet for the Vaughan real estate companies. As there are many homes available in Vaughan, Woodbridge and York Area, individuals often discover issues choosing the appropriate one; besides, the number of real estate companies in Vaughan can also be massive which also causes a lot problems. To start with, both these are very time consuming and secondly, folks discover it very onerous to discover a correct home inside their budget. Trying to find Woodbridge actual estate brokers and Vaughan homes for sale in individual should be prevented if possible; individuals ought to always search the web first. Now, when a person finds a house in the web site, he can visit the real estate broker and take information about it. Following this manner, many individuals have succeeded in getting new houses at good prices.

Opting for Vaughan house as an alternative of that somewhere else is an excellent and intelligent idea. Since Vaughan is a growing city and huge numbers of industries and businesses are flourishing in Vaughan, many individuals from other areas and cities are choosing Vaughan. In case you are looking for an experienced Vaughan Realtor, have a look at my websites.

Hopefully you have found this article of value if you are trying to find information on real estate especially about Vaughan real estate.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Life and Real Estate in Weaverville, North Carolina

Asheville, NC is consistently voted one of the best places to live in the United States and people are catching on. This is evidenced in real estate prices and the number of people moving to the area. But if you want to enjoy the benefits of Asheville culture, events, and outdoor activities and preserve the small town feel, land in Weaverville NC is only 10 minutes away.

Like Asheville, Weaverville resides in Buncombe County. But With a population under 2500 (2000 census) and a median age (census 2005) of 45, Weaverville NC is the kind of town where people still say hi on the street and everyone knows each other. The downtown area is quaint and welcoming, with a locally owned pizzeria, bakery and other local establishments. Small town parades still happen twice a year on Main street in Weaverville. There is a broad spectrum of Weaverville homes to choose from. Small quaint houses on large parcels of land as well as luxurious gated communities with clubs and activity centers. You can find these same small quaint homes next to farmhouses and campgrounds and rivers.

Weaverville is the home to numerous bed and breakfasts and spas, which make it a great place to visit and stay off the beaten path if you want some peace and quiet while visiting nearby Asheville. Start your mornings off in Weaverville at a local bakery, and end your day with a hearty dinner at a local restaurant and some enjoyable live music.

For the culturally active, Weaverville boasts several local museums and art galleries which often display well-known local and regional artists, potters, and craftspeople of all types.

If you are an outdoorsmen, Weaverville, NC is located right in the middle of some of the best trout fishing streams in Western North Carolina.

On the employment front, many Weaverville residents work nearby in Asheville. But Weaverville boasts several local business and manufacturing operations of their own, including Arvato Digital Services, which is the second largest CD and DVD replicator in the world. Many Weaverville residents work for Arvato, as well as in other manufacturing facilities nearby.

Weaverville homes are almost all nearby local public schools. For a small town, Weaverville boasts 2 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school. In nearby Asheville there are Universities and community colleges: Asheville-Buncome Technical Community College (AB-Tech) is only 7 miles away, and University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA) is only 6 miles from Weaverville. Also nearby are Warren Wilson College, Mars Hill College, and Montreat College.

All of this makes Weaverville real estate a wise investment for sure. Property taxes clock in at around 0.9%. According to, housing prices continue to slowly increase in Weaverville. Happily, it is still a sound investment as the perceived value of this area often remains underestimated.

More information can be found at

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Highland Park Homes For Sale and Real Estate in Pflugerville, Texas

Highland Park Homes

In the heart of Pflugerville is a fantastic master-planned real estate community called Highland Park. Homes in Highland Park real estate are affordable for many and priced from the 160s to 240s, ranging from 1,200 to 2,400 sq. ft. Toll Road 45 and 130, and I-35 surround the homes here. The Highland Park HOA is very active in the community and hosts several events during the year. Residents work hard to keep a safe, fun, and friendly community. Homes in this place are at the intersection of Pflugerville Pkwy and Heatherwilde Blvd. Homes in this place are modeled after the eclectic and individualistic style of Hyde Park homes in Austin. Residents here work hard to keep the community safe, fun, and friendly.

Highland Park Real Estate

Living in one of these homes is an easy experience. Many shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues are moments away. The Domain, La Frontera, Stone Hill Town Center, and Highland Mall are close by the homes in this community. Dick's Sporting Goods, Street Rays, Bells, Ross, Walgreens, Super Target, and Walmart are only a few minutes away from homes. Taco Bell, Taste of Ethiopia, Casa Garcias, Alfredo's Mexican Food, and Cheddar's Casual Cafe are tasty restaurants only a few minutes from homes. Cinemark Theatre is nearby for residents to enjoy a movie at. Dell, IBM, Samsung, 3M, and Abbott Laboratories are major employers who are close by to these homes.

Highland Park Homes for Sale

Amenities in this community are outstanding. Residents have hike and bike trails, a swimming pool, sports courts, playground, and meditation pond. Nearby parks include Pfluger Park, Mirror Lake Park, and High Country Park- all within a few miles from these homes. 100+ acres of hike and bike trails are also available to residents. Residents also have access to three golf courses, including Blackhawk, Star Golf Club, and Forest Creek. Residents can also enjoy the day at growing cities only a short drive away including Georgetown and Round Rock.

Pflugerville Homes

Residents of these homes are zoned to Pflugerville ISD. Children attend Highland Park ES, Park Crest MS, and Hendrickson HS. DeVry University Austin Campus, ACC, Texas State, University of Phoenix, and Huston-Tillotson are also close by homes in this place. These schools nearby this community are always a welcoming environment for new students in the community. Those living here can be confident that their children will receive a stellar education from these school.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Investing in the Right Home in Real Estate

Sunny Isles is one of the best real estate locations in Miami. It is one of the suitable places to raise your family due to its completeness when it comes to amenities and facilities.

You will surely get interested in purchasing a property in Sunny Isles real estate, but keep in mind that purchasing a home should be planned carefully if you want to avoid necessary spending with your limited budget. Because of the popularity of the Sunny Isles, expect for expensive prices on the properties. But you do not have to worry of having limited budget because you will have the chance of getting affordable home provided you plan for the project careful and properly in advance. Through this you will have the chance to get the best deal in the market.

The first thing that you need to consider in investing in Sunny Isles real estate is to check on the market status. With this, your main goal is to find out how much the properties are priced in the city and what are the available selections for your investment.

Keep in mind that when investing, as early as the process start you have to be patiently searching to end up with an affordable property in the city. There are lots of affordable properties in the city provided that you exert the right amount of patient.

If you want to have a good deal on purchasing your home in Sunny Isles real estate the next important step is to check on what properties that is available for sale in the city. Actually there are two ways for you to look them up - one is to ask real estate agent to do the search or you can do the search on your own by checking the listings that are available in the internet.

To do the search in Sunny Isles real estate a lot easier, it is advisable to make a list of your specifications ahead of time to filter the available properties for sale. While doing your list, you might as well include how much you can dish out for this investment so that you can determine your budget as well. Through this you will be able to limit your search and avoid taking too much time checking the property.

Keep in mind that before you close the deal, it is very important that you have to check the property. It is very important to schedule an appointment to check the property. You do not have to trust what the sellers say; it is important to check it personally. This will help you prevent future regrets.

Monday, February 17, 2014

How To Find Foreclosure Homes For Real Estate Investing

Finding foreclosure properties to begin real estate investment is relatively simple. There are several methods of find property that is has been foreclosed or is in the process of being foreclosed. Here are a few of them.

1. Records at the local county courthouse. In this method you can find the houses that are being foreclosed either by lending institutions or for non-payment of taxes. This method is time consuming, but you have complete control over your search. The thoroughness of the information you collect is totally dependent upon the work you put into it.

2. Newspapers. In every newspaper in the country there is a section for legal notices. These notices hold the legal information for properties in foreclosure. These notices will name the person(s) who has the legal proceeding against him/her, the name of the lender(s), the name of the county sheriff, if this is a tax foreclosure, or any other pertinent information. It will give the date of the proceedings and ask for further information from anyone who wishes to put a lien against the property.

3. The internet. Online foreclosure listing companies will search for notifications of default. Then they sell a subscription for this information. Although this is a very easy way to get the information about foreclosures, this is a 'buyer beware' situation. There will be others using this service that are looking for the same information that you're looking for. Along with that, you need to be sure that the information you get is current and not outdated. See if they'll give you a free trial period before purchasing.

4. Direct Mail. Consider a mass mailing through the postal service for home owners going through a foreclosure. As you receive information back from this mailing you can be assured that these are good leads. Another advantage is that you may be able talk with to someone that is still in the pre-foreclosure period. They are motivated to sell, or they wouldn't have made contact with you about their property.

5. Real estate companies. A bank that ends up with properties that are being foreclosed will hire a real estate agent to represent them The bank doesn't want the property; it wants it sold. A good real estate agent can get a list of properties that the bank has possession of.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to find information on foreclosures. Don't forget, one of the best ways to get information of any kind is by word-of-mouth. You might hear that the brother-in-law of the your sisters best friend is preparing to go through foreclosure proceedings. Be ready with a business card, flyer or brochure to give them.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Death and Real Estate

Nothing is as final as an estate sale. Family members usually have opinions that get vetted in the process. A word to the wise; be succinct, be brief, use a gentle hand, and be prepared for the unexpected.

Death and Real Estate. This can be unstable territory for the family,  tensions can peak when it involves the sale of the family home. Pent-up rivalries boil to the surface during many of these sales. Family members are emotionally charged....prepare to tread softly. Not all estate sales are "Estates". Some are just homes that need a lot of work that have an inflated value placed by their heirs.

I won't happen in your family....well...stand by. Things tend to get a little matter what the pre-resolve. You can set your watch to it.

Some helpful battle weary rules beyond the basics:

As the Realtor, follow real estate rules explicitly set forth in your state, and pay attention to every detail. Your involvement will be under a high level of scrutiny.

Follow the direction of the Executor(s) of the estate. They are the legal entity that calls the shots (not the bereaved cousin) and remember to use a gentle hand. And if the property is in probate, follow what the probate calls for explicitly.

Useful suggestions that I have employed in the past concern the contents of the property. What do you do with all the stuff inside?  The seller (the executor) might need a little guidance from you.

This is not the standard moving checklist. This involves your suggestions on "tag" ladies, estate sale specialists, estate attorneys (if the executor is from out of state), and some basic insight from their Realtor as to what needs to be done in order for the home to to become Market Ready.

If an estate sale is needed, do not have the family box stuff up and put it in storage.  Most storage places will not allow sales to the public at their locations.  Let the estate sale manager do the sale at the house, then put the house on the market.

However, if there will not be an estate sale-and the property needs to be disposed of quickly-suggest to the executor to have the contents of the home be boxed up, labeled, and placed into storage... to be dealt with at a later date. Dispersal doesn't need to be instantaneous and yanked on a beckon call.

Your communication needs to be discreet and only with the Executor(s) of the estate. You should be well versed in the rules of the state and the probate court. Consult with your local Estate Attorney if needed.

Keep in mind that those involved in this process  (the death of a loved one) are somewhat exhausted.  Press to have the property priced to sell...Don't add angst by overpricing and under-delivering. It is better to get the property sold quickly as it helps to alleviate the stress on the family. 

It's usually a difficult situation for the seller(s) and it is up to the Realtor to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. Be the Realtor(r) that makes the property sell.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Find Direction In Life and Real Estate Investing - Create Your Success Roadmap

How do you find direction in your life and in your real estate investing? And why is finding direction important anyway? Put it this way: if you were to set out in your car driving from New York to Los Angeles, all the way across the country, you'd be going in the right direction just by heading "West". But is that the most efficient way to go about a journey of that magnitude? Of course not! The same thing applies when creating your own success road map.

You know as well as I that there are all kinds of tools and information and resources available in the world today to help you create a roadmap and make this trip better, easier, faster, safer, more accurately, and in a more cost-efficient manner.

Just like you wouldn't set out driving aimlessly when you already know your destination, so too must you not try to set sail towards reaching your goals in life and in real estate investing-without putting together a plan, a roadmap if you will, to get there. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the "ready, fire, aim" philosophy to life and business. Even imperfect action is better than ZERO action but, all things being considered, if you could get to your destination/goals faster and easier without expending one single iota more energy or one more red cent than what you're currently doing...wouldn't you want to take the better way?

Of course you would.

That's what this article is about.

The one thing I want you to think about as we are starting this journey is "where do I want to end up?"
Without the map, there is no treasure.

You must find direction...

Direction for your life and your real estate investing goals...

It's time for you to stop blindly forging along and get to work with the REAL hard work, work that so few people ever do because it just seems so...hard.


Henry Ford once said "Thinking is the hardest work there is. That's why so few people engage in it."

Just think...

This can be your year to stop being a dreamer and become a real investor, and grab the lifestyle you've always imagined. But you've got to put in some serious thinking time.

Here's the best place to start your thinking process right now.

"What direction are you heading in life right now?"

"Are you where you want to be in life?"

Get this. Seriously, if you don't know the direction you're heading in, then how in the blue blazes do you intend to ever get where you want to go? Do you think one day, you'll suddenly wake up and say, "Oh, this is exactly what I want"?

Don't think so.

I wish it worked that way, too, sometimes.

If it did, there wouldn't be any blue-haired old folks working in the Greeter role at Wal-Mart because at some point in their life what they actually wanted to accomplish in this short time we have on Earth would have lit up in their mind and they would have known exactly what they wanted.

That didn't happen for them, and it won't magically happen for you, either.

Physics teaches us the Law of Inertia that an object at rest tends to stay at rest. So, if you're not doing anything about where you are today then nothing is magically going to drop into your lap and force you to get moving.

You have to do it yourself.

You've got to have a route to follow, a success roadmap.

A commitment to a plan of massive action to get you rolling along moving in the right direction.

Because once you're moving, two things happen.

First, you get the benefit of the second corollary of the Law of Inertia. Just as objects at rest tend to remain at rest, objects in motion tend to remain in motion!

And secondly, once you're moving it gets so much easier to fine-tune your direction.

Remember, just heading "West" is NOT a bad start to get from New York to Los Angeles. A start is always a positive. But it's not a plan to get you there in the best and fastest way possible.

For that, you've got to fine-tune your direction and begin creating your success roadmap.

Now, some of you may ask, what do I do if my plan fails?

This type of thinking simply comes from the fear of failing. This stops most investors dead in their tracks from ever buying their first property. They read articles, books, and even buy courses, yet they remain inactive in buying any real estate, never realizing their dreams of escaping the rat race. They talk a big game about what they're going to do, but they always seem to be just talking and not doing.

Listen, I know all about that. Anxiety will ride your shoulder no matter how experienced you are- it's your response to the feeling that dictates whether you master it or not!

As far as the reality of possibility in "failing"... we can play the "what if" game all day long and still be at the same point were at now except a little more frustrated.

Forget the anxiety. Forget the fear. Just take action.

Action destroys fear.

Remember, too, that "what if" goes both ways.

What if your plan works?

What if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you wouldn't fail?

Would you then still procrastinate? Would you put off running that We Buy Houses ad?
Would you give all the excuses in the book: no money, no credit, no time, no experience?
Would you still drive by that house in pre-foreclosure and convince yourself they're not at home so that you won't knock on the door?

Nope, and that's the rub.

You'll likely never know anything "beyond a shadow of a doubt".

Not logically, anyway, not as it pertains to you individually.

There will always be risk factors, be it your time, your money, your energy, your resources.
But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It's so important that you find direction that I want you to know I think it's one of THE most important things there is to have to find success.

It's time you get serious about your financial future because the one thing that keeps passing us by regardless if we take action or not is our time.

Where are you? Where do you want to be? Get going in that direction FIRST.

If you're already heading in that direction, perfect!

Now is the time to fine tune your journey and start getting some direction.

Remember this pearl of wisdom.

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Get out there and today start moving even closer to your goals in life and real estate investing when you find direction!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Current Trends in Maryland Foreclosures and Real Estate

Maryland is a judicial foreclosure state, which may have contributed to its placement among the few states in the U.S. to see a rise in foreclosure inventory year over year. As of February 2013, about 3.5 percent of homes in Maryland were foreclosures. This is a 0.2 percent increase from the previous year. In that year's time, there were over 4,000 completed foreclosures.

With this statistic, Maryland comes in 9th place in the United States for total foreclosures a percentage of real estate inventories. As more data becomes available, these numbers may edge higher.

Maryland Foreclosure Rate Increases Buck Nationwide Trends

In the 4th quarter of 2011, about 10 percent of Maryland homes were considered seriously delinquent and at risk of foreclosure. The 8 months following, foreclosure activity continued to rise. This contributed to 'repeat' cases, which a mortgagee r received but was unable to keep up with modified loan payments.

The foreclosure inventory is suppressing what would otherwise be a rise in home prices in Maryland overall, as reported increases in the average selling price of 4 percent areas such as Baltimore are exclusive of distressed properties. This had many sellers waiting on the sidelines until prices improved, which contracted available inventory. The number of underwater homes in the state was also impacting homeowners' decisions to sell, as 23.5 percent of all homes in Maryland are mortgaged for more than the value. These underwater properties are at high risk of becoming distressed properties through short sale or outright abandonment, yet another supporting factor in Maryland's trend towards more foreclosures.

Buying Maryland Distressed Property in Baltimore, Laurel

The Baltimore-Towson metropolitan area is among the nation's top metro areas for foreclosure rates. Year over year, Greater Baltimore has seen a great surge in foreclosure activity. The number of homes sold month over month and year over year in Baltimore has recently decreased, although it is too early to call the decrease a trend based on data from traditionally slow months for home sales. The real estate inventory in the Baltimore area had an inventory reduction over February 2012.

However, the recent surge in foreclosure starts could prompt the inventory to move higher within the year, and may promote an increase in short sales - particularly appealing to investors and homebuyers who can pay cash for a distressed property.

The city of Laurel, in Prince George's County, had almost 200 foreclosure notices in 2012, a dramatic decrease from years past. Due to the low foreclosure rate, this area might not be on investors' radar but for one major benefit. In a bid to clear the inventory of foreclosed homes, many of which are REO and sitting vacant, as quickly as possible, the Laurel City Council passed a five-year property tax credit to owner-occupiers who buy foreclosed properties within the city limit. The credit is worth up to $3,500 per year.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the current median home price in Maryland is $233,700. Discounts on distressed property in Baltimore and surrounding areas could lead to short-term gains for purchasers who are able to act quickly in light of the increased competition for properties as more investor attention is drawn to Maryland foreclosures.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Coral Gables Homes: Ideal Real Estate Options Within A Family-Oriented City Setting In Miami

Many of today's property buyers are looking to purchase options that are ideal for residential family living. If you are currently looking for options that will live up to your expectations, you should definitely consider the wonderful selection of Coral Gables homes which are found within one of Miami region's most family-oriented city settings today.

The City Beautiful

The city in which Coral Gables homes can be found has easily earned its nickname "The City Beautiful" because of the fact that it is indeed one of the most beautiful cities within the entire region. Located southwest of Downtown Miami, it boasts of impressive aesthetics which include tree-lined streets which showcase row after row of fabulous real estate options that compliment the wholesome city environment.

It is located southwest of Downtown Miami and offers maximum convenience for residents as it is bordered Red Road on the west, Douglas Road on the east, Charles Deering Estate on the south, and US Route 41 on the north.

Family Lifestyle

When it comes to the actual range of activities that families can do within the city, people will find many great attractions which will engage even the most diverse families today. People who would like to spend a relaxing afternoon out can easily swing by the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden located at 10901 Old Cutler Road where a rare collection of tropical plants can be seen up-close.

There is also the Matheson Hammock Park where people can look forward to one of the city's very own beaches which offers its very own scenic park at 9610 Old Cutler Road, or even the section between Douglas Road and LeJeune Road called Miracle Mile where families can expect to find a selection of shops and dining establishments which are sure to be loved by everyone.

Whether you and your family are looking for cultural sights or physical activities to dabble into, being able to live within one of the many Coral Gables homes on today's property market will easily grant you access to several activities of your choice.

Property Values

Now, when it comes to the subject of property values on today's property market, you can expect to find affordable options considering the luxury that Coral Gables homes can bring to you and your family. As of September 2012, the median sales price for homes within the city was $350,000 while the average listing price as of October 2012 was $1,930,771.

If you would like to find out more information regarding the city of Coral Gables, or if you are interested in learning more about the availability of Coral Gables homes on today's property market, you may contact a professional real estate for further details.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chennai Property and Real Estate - Take a Look

After a gradual increase in property market of Chennai, there has been a sharp decline in the property prices in this beach city in the southeast India. Home to the second largest beach in the world, Marina Beach, Chennai is a very traditional and conservative city. However, it has been the center of culture and education. Many people want to make Chennai their home for various reasons. Government there has been making constant efforts to promote the real estate market in Chennai. Capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai offers good options to all those who want invest in affordable and luxury properties.

Like in all other cities of India, builders in Chennai are also bringing many affordable housing projects. For a long time, Government of India has been emphasizing on the importance of low cost and affordable housing for all. Global financial crisis and IT slowdown has given a boost to this trend. Some of the leading real estate developers who are providing mass housing projects in Chennai include likes of DLF, Merril Lynch, IVR Prime and DivyaSree Developers.

Real estate trends in any city depend upon the industries and businesses booming there. It is seen that many automobile majors are setting up their bases in Chennai for various obvious factors. This increasing growth in this industry is leading to the increasing demand in the residential   property market also as large numbers of people come to this city for employment purposes. Along with residential properties, Chennai has many options for commercial properties.

The most popular residential areas for property investment include Mylapore, Raja Annamalaipuram, Adyar and Besant Nagar, Velachery, Egmore and Tiruvanmiyur.   If you are looking to invest in farmhouses, villas, estate or bunglows, locations a like Anna Nagar, Egmore, Chromepet,Mylapore, and Nanganallur offer good options. Other upcoming localities there are Velacherry, Valasaravkkam, and K. K Nagar.

For commercial Chennai Property, demand can be seen in areas like Alwarpet, Nungambakkam, Guindy, Sardar Patel Road, Radhakrishnan Salai, some parts of Anna Salai (Mount Road).

Friday, February 7, 2014

Public Relations and Real Estate Sales Companies

As our real estate market becomes a buyers market more and more realtors are indeed looking for ways to promote community goodwill to increase their buyer base and appease those listings, which are not selling as fast as those customers might like.

Realtors are constantly doing promotions, public relations and involving themselves in the community. They know they must give a little back to stay in the community and receive their share of the business. What innovative things can realtors do for a public relations program? Well, why not join a Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program? Here is why;

REALTORS: Realtors have a pulse on the community; they know the neighborhoods in the town. Some real estate offices grid the town by housing tracts, plus 4 zip code or census blocks and each agent is in charge of a certain area. They often canvass the area and are on a first name basis with many residences. They know the Home Owners Association directors by name. They also refer and are in contact with painters, pool service companies, landscapers, interior decorators, snow removal companies, window washers, contractors, pool companies, and other various residential companies, which can also serve as part of the volunteer neighborhood watch program. They often tour or caravan with other realtors to look at recent listings. In these weekly caravans you might have 4-5 other realtors in the car learning all about the neighborhood mobile watch program. Realtors know lots of people and are constantly involved with things around town, their jobs and success depend on it.

You see it makes a lot of sense to use the synergies of the local business community along with the citizens to keep our cities safe. What better way than to help the realtors to some good old fashion public relations in trade for such a significant win/win situation? Consider all this in 2006.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Venetian Golf and River Club Homes and Real Estate for Sale

The homes in Venetian Golf and River Club, for very valid reasons, draw a lot of buyer interest compared to other Venice, Florida real estate offerings. For one, the Venetian is among the outstanding property developments of the WCI Communities well known for its master planning of resort-style living within a golf club complex. In fact, there are now over 150,000 residents, those in the Venetian included, who benefit from WCI's expertise.

Much of the allure of the 1,000-acre Venetian Golf and River Club emanates from its ideal location. This golf community is only a mile and a half away from Interstate 75, enabling easy transit to and from nearby urban centers and the beach playgrounds of Venice Island and Casey Key. More importantly, the community is next-door neighbor to the fourteen-mile long Myakka River reputed to be Florida's oldest and largest state park. This pristine environment became the platform for the development of the Venetian's six hundred-acre nature preserve consisting of wetlands, lakes, conservation areas, and golf links.

Rounding out this celebration of Mother Nature is a seventy-acre nature park which effectively complements the exquisite facilities at the Mediterranean-style Venetian clubhouse. Afforded with stunning scenery, club members can enjoy socials, special events, and dining privileges at the clubhouse's Il Pranzare, La Vista, La Sala, and Il Palazzo.

In addition, there is an intimate Tiki Bar near one of the Venetian's two swimming pools. Club privileges also extend to six Har-Tru tennis courts, with a pro staff for training lessons. Breaking a sweat in style is provided by an aerobics studio and a fitness center with comprehensive training programs.

Fun in golf is supplied via the Venetian's 18-hole par 72 layout masterminded by course architect extraordinaire Chip Powell who fashioned links challenging for both the casual and serious players. Measuring 6,931 yards at its longest play, the course has been designated with an Audubon Gold Signature title for the marvelous natural environment and wildlife habitat that it created.

The residential community which partakes in this lush splendor consists of single family homes and condominium residences, all bearing the quality hallmark of WCI communities. Listed prices of Venetian homes for sale can start around the $200s for condominium units that have living areas of about 1,500 square feet. The standouts in a listing for their luxurious designs and spacious layouts are single family homes with floor plans of around 3,000 square feet and starting prices in the $600s.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Life and Real Estate in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Hendersonville and surrounding Henderson county has most everything a new or experienced homeowner is looking for. Hendersonville real estate is a great investment. Nestled between the Great Smoky and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the climate is mild, the property taxes are low (around 37 cents per $100), and the people are friendly.

Hendersonville is located in Henderson county - a size of approximately 375 square miles. Only 22 miles south of Asheville, NC, Hendersonville real estate is a great buy for a new or experienced homeowner. Henderson county also encompasses the surrounding areas of Fletcher, Flat Rock, Arden-Skyland, Etowah-Horse Shoe and Laurel Park are also close to Hendersonville and can allow someone interested in Hendersonville homes to escape to the country, where large fruit orchards and outlying valleys span the horizon, and still have all the amenities of living close to a medium-sized town like Hendersonville, NC.

If you are driving, Interstate 40 and Interstate 26 pass right by Hendersonville, which makes it easy to access by automobile. Asheville Regional Airport is only 10 miles north on Interstae 26 and connects to many major hubs and airports throughout the United States utilizing several national airlines.

Hendersonville homes are a smart buy because it is so close to so many interesting attractions. The economy of Hendersonville is an interesting and diverse mix of agriculture, tourism, retirement communities, and business. Hendersonville homeowners are also close to great outdoor activities from fishing, camping, hiking, and the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. According to local Hendersonville Real Estate professionals Beverly-Hanks, Hendersonville has attracted hundreds of families for these very reasons.

Hendersonville is known as the "City of Four Seasons". This is because of the distinct seasons the area enjoys. Living in a Hendersonville home means you enjoy beautiful fall colors, winters without the chilly bite of northern winters, summers without the muggy haze of southern summers, and beautiful spring seasons.

Hendersonville's downtown area is bustling. It boasts a treasure trove of art galleries, fine restaurants, live music, and other local business, all set in a backdrop of historic buildings, old-fashioned lamp posts, and a town clock. While other downtowns around the country may be in economic hard times, Hendersonville's local businesses are thriving. This only helps to enhance the ambience and vitality of the entire area. This includes Hendersonville real estate, as everyone likes to live next to a bustling downtown.

Hendersonville has seen many business move to town looking for a clean environment and a place where their employees can raise their families in Hendersonville homes. In every way, Hendersonville North Carolina is a great place to live work and play.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Top Ten Facts About Deep Creek Lake and Real Estate

Top 10 FAQ's Regarding Deep Creek Lake, MD

1. How large is the lake?
Deep Creek Lake is Maryland's largest freshwater lake encompassing 3,900 acres with 65 miles of shoreline. Its average depth is 26.5 feet and 72 feet at its deepest.

2. What is Garrett County's elevation range?
Garrett County's average elevation is 2,300 feet above sea level. Its highest elevation, on Backbone Mt. (highest point in Maryland) is 3,360. Deep Creek Lake is around 2,455 above sea level.

3. What type of activities go on around the lake?
(Is there enough room here?). Boating, Swimming, Kayaking, Water-skiing, Alpine-skiing, Rock-climbing, Wake-boarding, Dog-sledding, Whitewater-rafting, Golf, Mountain Coaster, Hiking, Biking, X-country skiing, Snowmobiling, Fishing, Ice-skating, etc. Nearly every outdoor activity you can think of.

4. How much snow falls in the area?
Average yearly snowfall-116″ - more than Fairbanks, Alaska.

5. What is the average temperature at Deep Creek Lake?
It is consistently 10-15 degrees cooler here than in the Baltimore/Washington Metro area. The average temperature is around 68 degrees in the summer and around 30 degrees in the winter.

6. Does Garrett County have any state parks or forests?
Do we ever! We have 7 state forests and parks. Savage River State Forest is the largest in Maryland. This county has over 90,000 acres of publicly owned lands.

7. How far away is Deep Creek Lake?
Here are some distances from nearby metropolitan areas:
Baltimore-177 miles; Washington, DC.-161 miles; Pittsburgh-96 miles; Cleveland-255 miles; Philadelphia-282 miles; Richmond-224 miles; New York-355 miles.

8. What is Wisp Resort?
You haven't heard about it yet? Wisp Resort is the Mid-Atlantic's premier four-season resort. It is becoming known as "The Little Tahoe of the East." There are too many things happening at Wisp to list here: from a world-class whitewater course to the best snow-making capabilities in the world. Call for a complete update on Wisp Resort.

9. Are there any real estate investment opportunities at Deep Creek Lake?
You must be kidding??? This area is the most exciting area in the region to be looking at real estate. Where else are you going to find stunning scenery, a true four season resort area, a nearly 4000 acre lake at the bottom of an ever expanding ski resort all within 400 miles of 60% of the nation's population.

10. How soon can I get a break from my hectic life and come to Deep Creek Lake, MD?
That one's in your hands.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Olympics and Real Estate Investing

I love the Olympics. There is something about watching professionals who have prepared their mind, body and heart to compete against the world for the greatest sport medal of all time - the gold medal. I can only imagine what it would be like to be on that stage to perform for the world. I was touched when Alexandre Biodeau won the first ever gold Medal for Canada on their home soil.

Don't get me wrong I am all American and was happy that USA's Bryon Wilson did not get knocked out of his Bronze Medal seat when the last contender took his place at the top of the run. Every time I watch the Moguls I remember my great friend Burke Alder that was a contender for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in his home town of Salt Lake City. He was on the US Ski team and was going to be a contender for an Olympic spot. Several months before the Olympics in nationals he blew out his knee and his Olympic hopes where taken over night.

As I watched these Amazing Mogul Freestyle Athletes, I also thought about real estate investing and free style skiing. What can we learn from Freestyle Skiers that may help us as real estate investors? If you think I am being too clich├ęd or fake you don't know me very well. I learn from everything and I mean everything. I also compare anything of value to my life and in doing this I found some very cool parallels of Mogul Free Style Skiing and Real Estate Investing. I look forward to sharing these with you. They include the following:

1. Be Prepared

2. Point Your Ski Tips Down

3. Find Your Line

4. Choose Your Trick Wisely

5. Time Counts

6. Jump To Last Impression

7. Last Mogul Field

8. Celebrate

1. Be prepared. You can't stand at the top of the Olympic Mogul Ski Run without having some serious preparation. The number one problem we see with real estate investors is they have no idea what a property is worth. Over 75% of people we talk to are off on their value of what they think the property is worth and what we KNOW the property is worth. Don't take the word of one person on what the property will sell for especially if the person is the seller or getting paid as a part of the transition, even if they are representing you. It is interesting when we have our independent evaluators look at a property and determine a value. When we go back to the borrower and let them know what the values came in at, so many borrowers want to "fight the value". You have to be kidding me. If two independent evaluators go to a property with no judgment and get paid to determine what the home will sale for, that is pretty unbiased. Let me give you an example. Last week we had two evaluations that came in. One was at $145,000 and the other was at $148,000. So the two evaluators that live in the area, that have no motivation other than getting paid to give a value on the property, that do not even know each other, come within $3,000 of each other on the price. We then told the borrower and the borrower thought they were wrong and wanted to challenge the value. Hello, Wake Up! We just saved you from a serious train wreck. We don't turn down deals because of value we just require the borrower brings in the difference between what we can lend on the property and what they are buying the home for. But don't get so emotional on a deal that you can't see reality.

2. Point your ski tips down. Continuing on our Olympics of Real Estate Investing, Judges look for you to always have your ski tips pointed down. Why? It is less about the form as it is showing the quality of the technique and also the courage to take on controlled risks. This creates a lot of speed that has to be controlled. We watched several of the U.S. Free Style contenders go out of control and not get a score. Don't let the speed increase more than you can handle.

As a real estate investor this means not to take on more than you are able to handle. I am really, really good at homes under $150,000 in a certain area of town... really good. Any time I go out of that area I get an education that I don't want. When I say I get an education I mean it costs me time and money; kind of like going to college. I would rather make money then go back to college. I did not particularly like hard seats and boring professors.

Knowing how to point your real estate ski tips in the right direction will make you successful as a real estate investor. Keeping your turns under control and not getting out of the speed you are able to handle. There is such an allure for higher priced homes. Many investors think that homes in the million dollar range have so much profit potential. What many investors don't realize is that with great profit comes great risk. The higher the price the higher the risk, if you think about it, what does a 1.2 million dollar home have that a 1 million dollar home does not? The answer is simple, it is up to interpretation. Now let's take the same example. What is the difference between a $150,000 home and an $180,000 home? That answer is A LOT. Typically a different neighborhood, different quality of work, size, garage and many, many other things!

It is also important to think about how many buyers are in that price range. The higher the price range the fewer the buyers pool there is. Meaning if there are 10 potential buyers for a million dollar home there is 100 potential buyers for the $150,000 home. This drastically increases your speed and price of getting your home sold.

Keep Your Ski Tips Down!

3. Find your line! When a Mogul contender heads down the course they constantly have to choose a line to follow. This is impacted by visual conditions sun, wind, snow, lighting at nights. With each bump they have to be looking forward to what the next line is.

We find so many real estate investors that don't have a plan before they get started with the property. They find a property that may even be a good deal but they don't find their line. We have even seen real estate investors that have found a good deal that they really could have made profit with but they end up breaking even or even losing money. Why you ask? Because they never found their line.

When you are doing a rehab and retail before you are done with your due diligence, or even before you make an offer on the property you need to know A. Exactly what work you are going to do to the property B. Exactly how much the work is going to cost C. Who is going to be doing the work D. How long it will take to get the work done to the property.

No Olympic Mogul ski is going to Guess on their line. They are going to have a defined line for the first few turns before they even leave the gate. Don't guess on repair costs, even if you have experience with repairs get the guys out that are going to be doing the work. Get firm prices from everyone that will be involved. I like to do this once I get a property under contract. We typically ask for a 48 hour time to inspect the property. During this time we set a meeting for every person that will be doing work on the property to meet at the same time. So the Flooring guy, the cabinet guy, the painter, the handyman, electrician or plumber if needed all show up at the house and look at everything and give us a price on the spot. This cuts down on back and forth of conversations and makes everything efficient. The bird dogger we buy properties from likes this as well because they know we don't drag out the situation forever, they know that in 24 hours or 48 at most my earnest money goes hard.

Find your line by knowing what your cost will be before you leave the gate.

4. Choose your trick wisely. Air only counts for 25% of your score. So if you do too big of a trick and don't land it then you lose. It is really that simple, and really that harsh. However if you don't do a decent trick you can lose it as well. Choosing the right trick based upon your situation, the conditions, what the other competitors are doing is essential to being a successful Mogul Free Style Skier.

We see too many real estate investors fixing up homes as if they want to live in the home. Meaning they make changes to the home as if they are the owner. Making things too personalized, doing dark accent walls that some people may like and others may hate. Or doing cabinet and counter top choices that some people will love and others will hate.

You need to pick your tricks wisely. When completing a rehab and retail we frequently see too many people doing too much to the property. When you put a property under contract go look at some of the homes that are currently on the market on the same street. With those homes you will know if Granite counter tops are standard in the area or if you can just use laminate. You will know if you have to get upgraded appliances or if lower end appliances or even used appliances will work and many, many more. I recommend that you do what is standard in the area and then I like to throw in a little something extra. For example if every home in the area has vinyl floors I like to do tile in the kitchen, or maybe do nicer carpet than everything else in the area. So for each house I recommend that you do something to bring some sizzle than all the other homes.

The Key is to have your home the nicest. I think this is accomplished by having new carpet, new paint, and everything clean and working and then to add a little sizzle, one thing that you do extra to spice up the home. Choose your tricks wisely; if you over do it you lose, if you don't do enough you lose. Knowing the other homes for sale will tell you what you are competing with. If you know what tricks your competitors are throwing in you will know what type of tricks you need to do to win the Gold!

5. Time counts. Pick up the speed. After the first jump comes, the longest set of mogul's begin. During this time contenders focus on keeping their knees close together and increasing the speed without losing control. This is a difficult balance of control and lack of control.

When you are in the middle of your rehab you need to pick up the speed. You also need to keep things under control. Time is a Gold medal when it comes to Mogul Free Style skiing just like Time is Money when it comes to a Rehab and Retail Investment. Too many investors act like they have all the time in the world. You should have guys on top of guys in the home working. I can have an entire home completed in 30 days. Our average basic rehab takes 2 weeks. Our more detailed takes 30 days and on some occasions 45 days. Every day costs you money.

We set a completion deadline for all of our repair guys from carpet to paint and everything in-between. I like to give my repair guys a bonus for getting properties done before schedule. So we all agree on the completion deadline. I then look at the cost of my hard money per day. I then give 25% of my per day cost as a bonus if 100% of the property is completed in that time frame. And I mean 100% of my contracts say no leaky faucets, no loose screws, no door handles or cover plates off, 100% complete. In model home ready condition. If they go over the deadline they pay 50% of my per day hard money cost. For example if the per day hard money cost is $100. Then I give them a $25 per day bonus for early completion and a $50 per day penalty for not getting the work done. Why is there a difference? Because we all agreed on what the completion deadline can be. So anything before that is really a gift to the workers. Anything after that is really a cost to you as the investor.

Pick up the speed, time will cost you Gold in your pocket just like the lack of speed can cost a Mogul Freestyle skier a gold medal.

6. Jump to the last impression. The second jump is the last chance for the medal contender to make up for lost time by getting some distance or by throwing down a serious trick for some added points. Having a good knowledge of the race you have ran so far and how well you landed your first trick will help you.

Your Rehab needs to give people a reason to STOP the car. I used to think that outside landscaping did not sell a house. Boy was I wrong. If people don't like the outside you will never get them in the inside. Now don't overdue it! Again look around the neighborhood. You only need to be the same or a little better than you neighbor. I make up for this by doing little or nothing in the back yard. If they like the front yard and they like the inside they can do their own work to the back yard. You have to know when to throw down a serious trick and when to just go for the speed. This is a serious judgment call that can not be overlooked.

You don't have a second chance to make a first impression. As a real estate investor you have to look at homes the way buyers do. Buyers are looking for the best home, for the lowest price in an area they are happy with. Although you may not think that you are in competition with homes in other areas you are wrong. Buyers are thinking am I willing to drive an extra 15 minutes to work if I can have double the size home? Or would we rather be in the city and have a smaller home but no commute. In being successful you need to look at what buyers are looking for in a home. Simply, you need to be the nicest home with the lowest price in your area and the home will sell. Homes sell every day and your home will sell if it is the lowest home and in the best condition.

7. Last mogul field. Once the second jump is done there is still a mogul field that cannot be overlooked. You can see the finish line right ahead but if you focus too much on the finish you will hit a Volkswagen size hump and fall over. This will ruin your chances of a finish let alone the hopes for a medal. This last mogul field is overlooked because it is a bit smaller than the others but it's important - it will make or break the race.

This last mogul field for a real estate investor is finding the buyer. In reality if you have done everything else right up to this point finding the buyer should not be too difficult don't spend the money until you have it in your hand. My philosophy is very simple. A. Be the 3% under the other comparable homes in the area B. List with a quality agent and don't skimp on the Buyer agent commission. I would get a discount from the seller's agent but make sure the buyer's agent gets a full 3% commission. Make sure to put in your contract the amount that the buyer's agent will receive. Most contracts just state the total commission that is paid. Create an addendum to the listing contract that shows exactly how much the buyer's agent and seller's agent will receive C. Have the house better than everyone else's. I don't care what market you are in, if you are the lowest price house and the nicest home in the area you will sell, fast. That is the key. Sell Fast and get on to the next deal. There is a cost to hold the property, not just the cost of your money, but there is an opportunity cost on the next deal that you may miss, or something else you can do with the money. Holding the property also comes with risks. Too many investors think you can always start high and come down over time. This is stupid! Price for what the property is going to sell for. Too many investors think that some idiot from another state (like California) is going to come and pay more than what the property is worth. Price the property for what it is worth and then discount it 3% and you will have buyers coming. In some cases you will get more than the asking price because you may end up with multi offers. Yes you heard me right multi offers in this market place. The key is if you are the best home at the best price people will fight over it.

The Last Mogul field is easy if you have the right strategy and you don't plan on a Jet engine to push you faster to the finish or plan on some idiot to over pay for your property.

8. Celebrate! Even the elusive Dale Begg-Smith from Australia celebrated when he crossed the finish line. This guy has no emotion and does not like the press at all. In fact on the medal podium it looks like he can't wait to get out of the spot light. But the second he came across the finish line he looked like a kid in a candy shop. He Celebrated in his own way. When you finish your rehab and retail, celebrate. Now don't get ahead of yourself, let's define finish. Finish is when you have the check in your hand and your hard money lender has been paid back. That is the time to celebrate. Don't make the mistake of spending the money just because you have the property under contract. Problems happen, in real estate nothing is a sure thing. Lenders go out of business, people don't fund, buyers lose jobs, inspectors don't like the house, and the list goes on and on.

So once your Hard Money lender is paid off and your check is in hand it is time to celebrate. I like to set a goal when I originally purchase the property. Nothing crazy just something to represent the hard work, for example taking my wife to a really fancy restaurant, getting a new chair for the house or something small, but something you would not normally do. Don't overdue it, be conservative. But do something fun and Celebrate. By the way, if by some slim chance Dale Begg-Smith sees this article, for the record, the world saw you smile when you crossed the finish line and congrats on the silver medal. I hope you took some time to celebrate!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Investing 1 Million Dollars in Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate

$1 million dollars has always been a magic number for people and with good reason. Being a nice round number is one thing, but essentially, $1 million dollars still has the fiscal power to deliver quite a good passive income that would allow for a fairly comfortable middle class lifestyle.

The point of having money, apart from buying a few toys is to get to the point where you can have lifestyle, without working every day in a job. Being in possession of $1 million dollars would indeed give you that lifestyle with something as simple and as safe as a bank term deposit.

Many people are asset millionaires and live inside their million dollars. They still wake up early each morning and go to work even though they may own their house or have $1 million in equity in it. To someone like this, it would be simpler and less taxing just to size down into a modest but comfortable home and use the $1 million dollars in cash to give you an income.

If you placed $1 million dollars straight into a bank account with a term attached to it, you may get a commitment from the bank to give you a few percentage points above the current cash rate. At even 7% per year, a million would give you a yearly return of $70,000 before tax or around $1400 per week.

A job that paid $1400 a week even in today's money would be considered a very well paying job. That's why employing the money to work for you is better and more pleasant that living in your million dollar asset, but still going to work every day.