Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Life and Real Estate in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Hendersonville and surrounding Henderson county has most everything a new or experienced homeowner is looking for. Hendersonville real estate is a great investment. Nestled between the Great Smoky and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the climate is mild, the property taxes are low (around 37 cents per $100), and the people are friendly.

Hendersonville is located in Henderson county - a size of approximately 375 square miles. Only 22 miles south of Asheville, NC, Hendersonville real estate is a great buy for a new or experienced homeowner. Henderson county also encompasses the surrounding areas of Fletcher, Flat Rock, Arden-Skyland, Etowah-Horse Shoe and Laurel Park are also close to Hendersonville and can allow someone interested in Hendersonville homes to escape to the country, where large fruit orchards and outlying valleys span the horizon, and still have all the amenities of living close to a medium-sized town like Hendersonville, NC.

If you are driving, Interstate 40 and Interstate 26 pass right by Hendersonville, which makes it easy to access by automobile. Asheville Regional Airport is only 10 miles north on Interstae 26 and connects to many major hubs and airports throughout the United States utilizing several national airlines.

Hendersonville homes are a smart buy because it is so close to so many interesting attractions. The economy of Hendersonville is an interesting and diverse mix of agriculture, tourism, retirement communities, and business. Hendersonville homeowners are also close to great outdoor activities from fishing, camping, hiking, and the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. According to local Hendersonville Real Estate professionals Beverly-Hanks, Hendersonville has attracted hundreds of families for these very reasons.

Hendersonville is known as the "City of Four Seasons". This is because of the distinct seasons the area enjoys. Living in a Hendersonville home means you enjoy beautiful fall colors, winters without the chilly bite of northern winters, summers without the muggy haze of southern summers, and beautiful spring seasons.

Hendersonville's downtown area is bustling. It boasts a treasure trove of art galleries, fine restaurants, live music, and other local business, all set in a backdrop of historic buildings, old-fashioned lamp posts, and a town clock. While other downtowns around the country may be in economic hard times, Hendersonville's local businesses are thriving. This only helps to enhance the ambience and vitality of the entire area. This includes Hendersonville real estate, as everyone likes to live next to a bustling downtown.

Hendersonville has seen many business move to town looking for a clean environment and a place where their employees can raise their families in Hendersonville homes. In every way, Hendersonville North Carolina is a great place to live work and play.

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