Saturday, September 28, 2013

Magnetic Promotional Calendars and Real Estate - Why They Work So Well Together

Realtors and Real Estate agencies nationwide are struggling in today's economy. The industry is down approximately 50 percent. Do you know what that means? It means that half of the people are still buying and selling homes and properties. The challenge that you as a Realtor have, is to draw those buyers and sellers to you instead of your competition. Advertising is the answer. "How can I justify the expense of advertising in this dry spell?" The answer is "How can you NOT justify it?" If people don't know you are there, they aren't going to pick you as their agent.

But There Is More

Since many other agents will unwisely cut back on their advertising budgets, you will have less competition. Your advertising message now has a greater chance of being seen by potential customers. Think of this extreme example. If every other agency stopped their marketing campaign, but you continued, you would be the only game in town. Obviously the other agencies might get repeat business from previous customers, but that would happen regardless of the economy and whether or not you had a marketing campaign in progress.

It Does Not Take A Lot Of Money

One of the most successful marketing strategies for Realtors is the calendar. The magnetic calendars are, of course, the most popular. They are inexpensive and effective. Depending on how much of your budget you elect to invest, you can get magnetic promotional calendars for less than 30 cents each. The beauty of a calendar is that they last for a long time. A year, actually. People use calendars on a daily basis, and each time they do, they see your information. It's not like those "in your face" TV ads or the obnoxious radio spots that get played over and over (for thousands of dollars a month, I might add) that do more to annoy than they do to promote. The exposures they provide are more subtle, but no less effective. They provide a subliminal message that kicks into gear when the person decides to buy or sell. "Honey! Get the phone number of that Realtors off of the calendar that's stuck on the fridge, will you?"

Magnetic Is Best

There are lots of calendar types, but the magnetic calendars have proven to be the ones that are seen the most. That's the whole idea of a promotional product, right? Desk calendars get covered up, wallet calendars are seen only by the wallet's owner, and wall calendars are often relegated to a spot that is out of the way due to their size. The magnetic calendar ends up on the fridge at home, the metal cabinets in the workplace break room, on a mechanic's toolbox, on the cash register at the local pizza place, or on computer cases in the office. There, they get seen by many people who are all potential customers.

Find a reliable source of magnetic promotional calendars and start attracting all of those buyers and sellers who are looking for an agent to represent them.

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