Friday, September 27, 2013

Changing Careers From Home Office Real Estate Agent to Internet Millionaire

I can show you how to turn your home office into an internet money maker and help you market your real estate office as well.

Real estate agents working from home that have fallen prey to the down-turn in the market may already have the expertise to have their own on-line business. You can start a new business with the expertise you have learned or used, in having a home based real estate office.

The concept of working from home, was brought on by a number of things. Number one was probably the high cost of renting your own office, either on your own or from the Broker. With the advent of the computer age, agents found that much of the "legwork" was now being done by computers, so why not set up an office at home and reduce your costs. You could pretty much do all your work from home, and customers would not be able tell, nor would they care!. Thus the Home office was now an accepted practice.

Tax advantages are significant when you have a home office. Home office entrepreneurs are able to write off many things that they use on a daily basis at home. There are many books and online sites that outline these tax advantages.

Unfortunately the down-turn in has forced many agents to look for another career or something to supplement their dwindling incomes from the real estate bust.

The Good News is that if you are a home-based business owner or agent, you already have the basic knowledge and tools to become your own inter-net marketing guru.

1. You know that your computer is your best partner
2. you probably have used videos to market your properties and yourself
3. you know some tax advantages
4. you know that you have to work at your business to be successful, and only you can do that

With the right support structure in place, on-line marketing can be a huge moneymaker. If you have the desire to succeed and use some of the expertise you already have, then the sky is the limit. I can introduce you to the most structured inter-net business available. You do not have to be a real estate person to use this business, but your background can surely help.

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