Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Skill All Sellers and Real Estate Agents Should Master

I read articles and hear of difficulties real estate agents have on selling homes. Many of the complaints are regarding the home inspection findings for when the buyer requests a lot of items repaired or improved and in regards to appraisals and if the appraisal showed any issues. It has amazes me sometimes at how poorly some people react to difficulties. Here are some tips to help agents get over these situations.

I hear agents make this statement of something similar to this occasionally at the home inspection so I am certain it goes on many locations. I hear them state "There will be nothing found of concern at the home inspection". This sets up unrealistic expectations and sets up the buyer for shock and disappointment for when items are found.

Every home has issues. Issues range some a few small items to large number of concerns. The concerns can also be minor or more major issues that will be expensive to correct. What every real estate agent needs to be able to do is to let the buyer know that things will be found at the home that they may want to have repaired or improved upon.

The old phrase: "To be forewarned is to be forearmed" is very true. People who know that something is going to found or that something is going to occur is better mentally prepared to deal with it appropriately than those who without warning hear of a concern. Agents, sellers and buyers should all expect there to be concerns. This will prevent disappointment and more stress. It should be in every agents mind that they should forewarn others to avoid large disappointments and unnecessary stress.

The presentation of the home inspection report is also a skill that agents should master. When an agent presents or discusses a home inspection report with the buyer that agent needs to be calm. If the agent is nervous or upset that sends signals to the buyer that are not desirable.

I had a home buying client of mine change real estate agents and select a different home to buy because the real estate agent was nervous about a water leak near the furnace. The buyer felt the uneasiness from the agent and thought that the agent may be hiding something. The buyer backed out of the deal.

Buyers need to be fully informed of the condition of the home they are considering to purchase. Agents that recommend thorough home inspectors and are able to present and discuss the home inspection report are far better able to close sales and create increased trust. With these factors those agents will close more sales and earn more referrals.

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