Sunday, October 20, 2013

Most Successful Realtors and Real Estate Investors Use This Free Technique

What is the quickest path to building a huge list of property buyers with zero cost and little effort? Whether you realize it or not, your network of contacts is full of connected people who are able and very willing to help you. However, many of us make one very costly mistake, we focus on our immediate contacts, people in our rolodex that we have direct interaction with. What if you had a way to go beyond your rolodex and dig down not just one or two levels, but three, four or more? You would uncover the whole new universe of useful contacts that are also eager to build new relationships and expand the reach of their networks.

If you don't know anybody who is in the market for real estate, there is an easy way to find someone who does. By accepting your invitation to become a part of your network a person is giving you access to their list of contacts and in return gaining access to yours. Therefore, with every extra person you add to your network you are multiplying your contacts. Imagine the leverage your business would gain if you would take a targeted approach to your networking and focus your efforts on connecting with mover and shakers of Real Estate Industry.

If your goal is to sell a property, your networking will yield most results if you concentrate your efforts on realtor and real estate investors. Realtors and real estate investors always network with other realtors and investors. They always find prospective buyers who are in the market for a new home or investors who are looking for new investment properties. These contacts are most valuable to you, because they can pass on a message about your property to people who are directly connected to your potential buyers. Where can you find and connect with right people who have resource and connections needed to assist you in selling or buying a property? One site that can help you is A social networking site for buyers and sellers of real estate that helps you target your networking efforts with a laser-like precision and quickly grow your network of important contacts within Real Estate Industry.

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