Friday, October 11, 2013

Interview Questions to Ask When Selling a Home and Real Estate Marketing Strategies


Top Ten Real Estate Interview Questions 

1. Has the agent priced your home correctly with a thorough market evaluation?  
Correct pricing of your home is the key to getting the best results and is a direct indication of the agent's knowledge of the area, current market conditions and your property.  

2. What will the agent do to market your home?   
(See Our RECOMMENDED MARKETING section below.)  

3. What is their level of experience? How do they handle offers and multiple offers?  

4. Can they show you client testimonials or referral contacts?  

5. Who will you be speaking with during your transaction - the agent or their assistants and how and when will they be providing feedback and communication regarding your sale?  

6. How will they help you in preparing your home for sale and if necessary staging your home for sale?  

7. Who do they recommend for your termite, roof and property inspections and why? How do they handle all the disclosures,  have they ever been sued or taken to arbitration in a real estate transaction?  

8. What is their commission rate and what is the rate broken down between the listing agent and the buyer's agent? Verify that the rate being offered on the MLS is competitive with the competition on the market and of course get it in writing when you sign a listing agreement.  

9. How long do they think it will take to sell your home and close escrow?  

10. Have you made them aware of any additional concerns you might have such as pet concerns, attached items that you want to remove or take with you, or timing of your move in relation to selling your home?  

An initial brief interview by phone or e-mail prior to selection of agents to interview in person can save a lot of time and energy. 

When you have selected a real estate agent or several agents to interview for the job of selling your home or investment property we recommend that all parties that have an interest in the property be present during the interview(s). It is very important that the real estate agent be able to communicate effectively with all parties and the decision on the right real estate agent for the job must typically meet with the approval of all owners. 


  • Assist you with proper preparation and staging of home for sale.
  • Price your home correctly.
  • Place/list your our home on the MLS (multiple listing service) with multiple photos and preferably a virtual tour as well.
  • Professional color brochures.
  • Yard signs with a brochure box.
  • Computerized lock box.
  • Open houses (at least one every 3 weeks).
  • Exposure on major internet websites.


* Area Broker Tours, Office Tour  
* Newspaper, Real Estate Magazine Advertising  
* Real estate agent website advertising  
* Real estate agent and client networking  
* Agent Prospecting for potential buyers  

Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent:
After interviewing the real estate agent(s) if the decision is obvious and you feel comfortable with working with the agent, communication is excellent between all parties and all your concerns have been addressed, go ahead and make the decision to work with the agent.   

If it is a close decision between two or more agents, you can always use the Ben Franklin approach by noting the advantages and disadvantages of working with each and seeing which one stands out as the best after weighing out the decision and choosing the one that best meets with your criteria.   If you do not feel good about working with any of the agents interviewed, keep looking!   While selling your home can be stressful, you want to work with someone you can count on to help you make the right decisions with more peace of mind.    

Look for experience, focus, dedication to your best interests, and outstanding marketing, negotiation and communication skills,  knowledge of the area, current market conditions and your property.  

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